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Totally DIY Totally Tools 2014

Celebrating 20 Years Of The DIY Show
This year marks the 20th time the DIY show has taken place. During that time it has had several names, which have reflected the changing content of the show, and several homes, which have seen a move from London to the Midlands.

X-Treme Tape what a life saver

Dear LeakMate,
Your X-treme tape product, what a life saver.
I was so pleased to have purchased your product as the versatility is outstanding. Having encountering an issue with my car where steam was bellowing out from under the bonnet, I located the issue to a damaged top hose pipe. The pipe had worn and split over an inch in length.

Burst Radiator Pipe

Dear Leakmate team

I would like to provide feedback on your innovative leakmate tool.

In short your product saved me considerable time and money when i had a severe leak on a radiator at our business premises.

Due to the nature of our business we were unable to drain the system down to repair in business hours.

The leakmate provided an effective temporary solution until we could drain down the system and repair the pipe out of business hours.

The leakmate was money well spent as the damage it helped to avoid alone was worth the price tag 10 times over.

Stop a Leak on Outdoor Pipes

Sprung a leak in the mains pipe that fills the horse trough what a pain and plumber can’t come until next week ( unless I pay the earth) so found this gadget called “Leak Mate” and had it fixed in 5 minutes !!!!

Accidentally Drilled into a Central Heating Pipe?

This is why every house should have a leakmate tool, as you never know when you will need one.

My accountant had a blind fitted last night. The fitter accidentally drilled into a central heating pipe 10 mm plastic as the photo shows and luckily the accountant had a leakmate tool at hand.

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