LeakMate are the leading Manufacture of Emergency Leak Stop Tools.

Remembering as a plumber how water leaks caused so much damage, and how difficult it was to react quickly controlling a leak if a copper fitting hadn’t completely soldered. The time it took to attach a hose pipe & drain the pipe work, took too long, and the damage was already done.

After checking what products were available in the market place, we confirmed there was a lack of easy-quick to use products that covered various pipe sizes 10, 15 & 22 mm (3/8, 1/2, 1/4 inch) that was reusable for all Tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts.

We designed a product that anyone can use quickly & simply, that seals leaking pipes or soldered fittings in seconds, you don’t need any other tools to fit one and it can be used over & over again.

It is with pleasure that we Introduce you to LeakMate a Unique product launched in June 2011 that has been received with great enthusiasm via the Professional and Domestic market throughout the UK, LeakMate is the only reusable Tool specifically designed to stop leaks in seconds, saving inconvenience, expensive call out charges & Insurance claims.

The tool is supplied with reusable 10 15 & 22 mm (3/8, 1/2, 1/4 inch) seals that have a recessed step molded into every seal to fit soldered copper fittings. LeakMate also seals split and holed pipes whether plastic, copper or lead.

leak-mate-wins-top-product-2011-327In 2011 LeakMate was given a top product award by PHPI, Designed to meet the needs of tradesmen involved with plumbing installation. The LeakMate Tool saves time, reduce frustration and increase productivity!

The LeakMate Tool is the only re-usable tool in the world designed to stop leaks in seconds across various pipe sizes and fittings, Copper, Plastic or Lead to a pressure as high as 280 psi, and you don’t need any other tools to fit one.

Tradesmen across the UK are finding out just how handy A LeakMate Tool can be, when working on their own, and they need a spare of hands to stop a leak quickly giving them time to arrange for a Plumber to repair a damaged pipe.

With Patents granted in the U.S.A. and pending throughout Europe. The LeakMate Tool is becoming a great success


Why is Leak Mate for the Plumber, Electrician, Joiner, Builder, Decorator and DIY Enthusiast?

If you ask yourself

Do I have a tool in my toolbox that will stop a leak in seconds on 10/15 or 22 mil (3/8, 1/2, 1/4 inch) pipes?” Yes/No Do I have a tool in my toolbox that will stop leaks on soldered Joints’, straight connectors, elbows and tees?” Yes/No
Do I have a tool in my toolbox that will stop leaks on copper, plastic or lead pipe?” Yes/No Do I have a tool in my toolbox that will stop leaks on pipes carrying water, oil, or compressed air up to 250 psi?” Yes/No

If the answer to any question is No,
Have a look at a new Tool that will do all of these jobs over & over again.
There is no alternative tool in the market place that will do what the LeakMate Tool does.


LeakMate a Tool for all trades

Carpet fitters.

When fitting new carpets it is easy to hit a pipe when nailing to the floorboards.


When moving pipes to access wires it is easy to crack soldered fittings. When putting up light fittings there is a risk of drilling into pipes in the walls.


Constructing studded walls put plaster boards up and knock nails into pipes.


When taking off radiators to paint the walls and when they are replaced, it’s easy to crack soldered fittings.


When doing alterations, put nails & screw into pipes.

Kitchen fitters.

When removing old units you often find leaks in old pipe work.


Sometimes leave flux on the pipe this eats through the pipe.


Anybody that does any work on a property can knock a nail or screw into an existing pipe.

Caravan & Canel boat heating systems

Any boats that have fuel leaks, garden hoses, Oil pipes outside tanks; oil is very expensive.

Compressed air pipes.

The LeakMate Clamp is tested to
20bar = 280psi

Rodents and Vermin

Rodents chew through lagging to make nests expose pipe you only find out when it freezes rodents chew into plastic pipe.

Seasonal Holidays

When it freezes plumbers are always busy and you can’t always get one, Christmas and bank holidays you can keep your central heating working until you get a plumber and you don’t have to pay expensive call out charges.