Advice for thawing or leaking pipes

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Advice for thawing or leaking pipes

Plumbing and drainage cover - cold snapWhen temperatures rise after a cold snap you need to act quickly to protect your water pipes and deal with any bursts.

Damage to pipes occurs when they become frozen, but you’re only going to notice when the water in the pipe thaws. So, if a pipe is frozen isolate the affected area by closing your stop tap.

Turn off your water supply

Turn off the main stop tap. You should find this under the kitchen sink or where the pipe enters your home such as in your garage or cellar. If you have a cold water tank, turn off the stopcock (this is usually found in the attic or loft).

stop tap homekitIf you spot a leak having isolated the affected pipe by closing the stop tap, then call a plumber. If you want to find an approved plumber, use the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering’s website.

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