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LeakMate allows pipes to stay in use

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opcje binarne książki   LeakMate no technical ability is required to fit it LeakMate allows pipe to stay in use LeakMate will fit 10mm, 15mm, and 22mm LeakMate will work on soldered fittings elbows, tee’s, straight connectors LeakMate works on copper, plastic or lead LeakMate tested to 20 bar = 280psi LeakMate also seals oil and compressed air leaks LeakMate is adjusted manually until the leak stops LeakMate requires no additional tools to fit LeakMate can be left in place for days LeakMate is adjusted manually until the Leak Stops, other than an occasional check it can be left in position for a prolonged period. The seal will not deteriorate with additional use as the tool is adjusted manually each...

See how the LeakMate Tool can Stop a Water Leak in Seconds

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Leak Mate, is a unique and extremely effective solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts requiring a low cost, reusable and effective remedy that will save them time, money and inconvenience. Leak Mate is the only reusable tool specifically designed to stop leaks in seconds thanks to its clever design, easy operation, and range of seals supplied. Leak Mate can be used on pipes and fittings made from copper or plastic with up to 10 bar...
£33,000 water bill after massive leak

£33,000 water bill after massive leak

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A 29-year-old scaffolding firm owner from Peacehaven in East Sussex, has been handed a gargantuan £33,000 water bill. Apparently 21.5 million litres of water leaked from the pipes around his rented property – enough to fill six swimming pools – and the water company decided to bill him for every litre. Read More at AOL...

The ideal tool to stop a water leak

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We recently had an email back from a customer Hi ——– I have a company that has 80 rental properties and run into leaky pipes about 15 times a year and thought there must be a tool out there that can look after the problem through the weekend till I get a plumber. Christmas and New years Day I could have used it twice. I was a machinist for 32 years and thought that I should invent such a rig and when I got on the internet I came on to the LeakMate and it was every thing I was thinking about. Home Hardware and Canadian Tire would be two companies that should have a look at this product. Regards...