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A burst pipe can cause immense damage to your home

buy Orlistat 120 mg online 200 mcg no prescription canvasA Wolverhampton-based design company averted flooding and saved thousands of pounds in repairs after using Inta’s new Leakmate plumbing tool to temporarily seal a burst pipe. Mitch Stone, Director at iDM design, says: “We noticed there was a leak coming from under the kitchen sink. Luckily we had a Leakmate in the building, as we had been photographing the product earlier in the month. “One of our designers used the tool to seal the broken pipe until we could get a plumber in to resolve the issue. Without Inta’s Leakmate, we may have had to pay a fortune in repairs, as the nature of our work means we have a lot of digital equipment in the office.”

opzioni digitali yahoo answers Leakmate is a clamp system that offers a temporary fix for broken pipes when there is a leak, allowing time for repair before damage can occur. It is easy to fit and comprises three different sized reusable seals, suitable for 10, 15 and 22mm pipes.

follow link Stuart Gizzi, MD of Inta, says:
Leakmate does exactly what it says on the tin it bides users’ valuable time until they can organise a more permanent solution.”

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