LeakMate a Tool for all trades

LeakMate a Tool for all trades

A burst pipe can cause immense damage to your home

The LeakMate is the only tool that fits 10mm, 15mm and 22mm (3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in)

Watch our video to see how easy the LeakMate tool is to use

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LeakMate a Tool for all trades

Carpet fitters.

When they fit new carpets sometimes nail floorboards down as a favour to the customer and hit a pipe.


Move pipes to get there wires in and crack soldered fittings, when they are putting up light fittings they drill into pipes in walls.


Construct studded walls Put plaster boards up and knock nails in.


Take radiators off to paint walls and when they put them back crack soldered fittings.


Doing alterations, putting in studded walls, nail & screw into pipes.

Kitchen fitters.

When they take out old units find leaks in old pipe work.


Sometimes leave flux on the pipe this eats through the pipe.

Caravan & Cannel boat heating systems, any boats that have fuel leaks, garden hoses,

Oil pipes outside tanks; oil is very expensive,

Compressed air pipes. Clamp tested to 20bar = 280psi

Rodents chew through lagging to make nests expose pipe you only find out when it freezes rodents chew into plastic pipe.

When it freezes plumbers are always busy and you can’t always get one, Christmas and bank holidays you can keep your central heating working until you get a plumber and you don’t have to pay expensive call out charges.


Anybody that dose any work on a property can knock a nail or screw into an existing pipe.

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