Plumb Quick from Leak Mate

Plumb Quick from Leak Mate

A burst pipe can cause immense damage to your home

There is no need for separate tools, the LeakMate fits round pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm and 22mm (3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in)

See for yourself how easy the LeakMate Tool is to use with the video below

Withstockists nationwide, or you can order yours here at less than half the r.r.p.

plumb quick

Plumb Quick was specifically designed to help Plumbers route plastic piping, reducing the problematic “coil up” problems faced on a daily basis.

6 x 4mm x 1 metre GRP rods
1 x Mini Eye
1 x 10mm Pipe Grip
1 x 15mm Pipe Grip
1 x Flexi Lead (130mm x 4mm)

Leak Mate currently have a special offer (Limited Time)

special offer plumbing solution

special offer plumbing solution

A complete Plumbers Set

1 x Leak Mate Tool (rrp £24.95)
1 x Plumb Quick Set (rrp £24.95)
3 x Leak Mate X-Treme Tape (rrp £44.85)
1 x Leak Mate Replacement Seal (rrp £6.25)
1 x Leak Mate Replacement Wire Form (rrp £5.00)
leakmate-product-the-leakmate-tool leakmate-product-plumbers-kit

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