Relipro USA

Relipro USA

Every second a burst pipe is leaking water it is causing expensive damage to your home.

There is no need for separate tools, the LeakMate fits round pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm and 22mm (3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in)

See for yourself how easy the LeakMate Tool is to use with the video below

Withstockists nationwide, or you can order yours here at less than half the r.r.p.

Relipro (originally Reliable Procurement) was founded in January, 2000 as a procurement agency for the U.S. Government, public utilities, and manufacturers. The original premise was to remain strictly a material broker building a comprehensive, capable and reliable National network of suppliers to service our customers quickly and accurately. It became painfully evident in the early going that our service level could never exceed the level of the weakest link in our ever-growing network.

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