The LeakMate tool has received some great reviews over the years. Winning Top Product from Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer 2011.

Burst Radiator Pipe

Dear Leakmate team

I would like to provide feedback on your innovative leakmate tool.

In short your product saved me considerable time and money when i had a severe leak on a radiator at our business premises.

Due to the nature of our business we were unable to drain the system down to repair in business hours.

The leakmate provided an effective temporary solution until we could drain down the system and repair the pipe out of business hours.

The leakmate was money well spent as the damage it helped to avoid alone was worth the price tag 10 times over.

Handy Thing to Have if You Have a Leak

“This was a just in case buy. It was good value and the delivery was good. It has all the signs of being a handy thing to have if you have a leak. Unable to comment on its effectiveness as again it is a ‘just in case item’.” 5.0 out of 5 stars Leak mate, 17 July 2012 By...

5 Star Rating This is a fantastic tool

“5 Star Rating. This is a fantastic tool. Bought it and had 2 leaks to deal with the next day. Brilliant insurance policy as it vastly minimised the escape of water from the pipe. Easily worth the money and will sit comfortably in my tool box for...

What a great handy item

“What a great handy item. I purchased one of these tools for emergency work and last Friday evening I had a go back call to a water leak. I put the LeakMate on until the Monday morning where I had to drain back down and repair the soldered fitting. It is sitting in my tool bag ready for the next call out. Saved me my time and weekend.”5.0 out of 5 stars great item, 8 Oct 2013 – Mr plumber

Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer Top Product Award

Awards “Congratulations! I write to inform you that based on reader enquiries received from your editorial inclusion in our July/August issue; your Leak-mate product has been selected by my Editor to receive one of our Top Product 2011 Awards. We will be printing a brief description of the product in our December issue which includes all of the Top Products for 2011.” “Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer is available free of charge from the trade counters of over 2300 plumbing and heating merchants across the UK. With an ABC audited circulation of over 73,000, we offer a unique and unrivalled opportunity of reaching active...

Builders Merchant News LeakMate Review

Press Reviews When old kitchen units are removed, there may be revealed a pipe or a soldered joint leaking. Or perhaps someone put a nail or screw into the undetected pipe – accidents do happen to even the best kitchen-fitters.And, the fitter or householders may not have the plumbing skills to fix it.The water then has to be turned off until a plumber can attend, and the customer will not be happy because they will have no water for the duration.And then there is collateral damage – a water leak on Formica or chip board material can make the wood bubble, which is the last thing wanted on a new install. The LeakMate tool is a true mate when you really need it most and you do not need years of experience to get out of trouble.This is a reusable tool that any skilled or unskilled person can use quickly and easily to stop various types of leaks on all common household pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm and 22mm. It even works on soldered copper fittings and plastic pipe. It is an easy-to-use temporary fix to allow work to continue and water to flow until a qualified plumber gets there.It is possible to fit it without physically touching the pipe, which is extremely useful if working on hot water pipes or if there is an electrical charge running down the pipe. No other tools are required in order to fit the LeakMate and water does not need to be turned off or drain the system down. The tool is supplied with reusable sized seals that have a recessed step moulded...