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Water Leaks Cause Serious Hidden Problems

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http://flywind.com.br/bakester/5693   Water leaks are quite often the route cause to more serious cosmetic or & structural problems and also with the obvious health risks associated with living or working in a damp property. Some of the potential problems your hidden water leak could lead to include: Water leaking in your property means your water bill is rising faster than you would like – hurting your bank balance Central heating system leaks could leave you and your family with no heating – in the dead of winter Central heating systems that are being refilled constantly suffer from oxidization – rusting your radiators & pipes from the inside out! Water mains supply leaks can quickly cause subsidence of land including footpaths, driveways, gardens – or your house! Internal water leaks from pipes, tanks, under floor heating & central heating systems cause an untold amount of damage to your home including damage to walls and floors – costing hundreds to rectify! You family and you become at risk of a multitude of health problems affected by damp including asthma – children and the elderly are most at risk. Your property becomes a comfortable home for many insects, bugs & mites who thrive in damp & dark conditions – under your floors and in your walls. What may seem like a small problem, a simple water leak, can rapidly become a huge problem with extremely costly consequences. Fungal Growth If you have water leaks in your attic, behind walls or under floors this can use the growth and spread of various types of fungus, which in turn can cause health problems. Structural Ongoing water...
Burst Radiator Pipe

Burst Radiator Pipe

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follow site Dear Leakmate team I would like to provide feedback on your innovative leakmate tool. In short your product saved me considerable time and money when i had a severe leak on a radiator at our business premises. Due to the nature of our business we were unable to drain the system down to repair in business hours. The leakmate provided an effective temporary solution until we could drain down the system and repair the pipe out of business hours. The leakmate was money well spent as the damage it helped to avoid alone was worth the price tag 10 times over. I have attached images for you to see the problem the leakmate solved and i am happy to endorse your innovative product. Great job! Simon Richards Director WKG ltd £24.99BUY...