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Water Leaks Cause Serious Hidden Problems

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frauen treffen aarau   Water leaks are quite often the route cause to more serious cosmetic or & structural problems and also with the obvious health risks associated with living or working in a damp property. Some of the potential problems your hidden water leak could lead to include: Water leaking in your property means your water bill is rising faster than you would like – hurting your bank balance Central heating system leaks could leave you and your family with no heating – in the dead of winter Central heating systems that are being refilled constantly suffer from oxidization – rusting your radiators & pipes from the inside out! Water mains supply leaks can quickly cause subsidence of land including footpaths, driveways, gardens – or your house! Internal water leaks from pipes, tanks, under floor heating & central heating systems cause an untold amount of damage to your home including damage to walls and floors – costing hundreds to rectify! You family and you become at risk of a multitude of health problems affected by damp including asthma – children and the elderly are most at risk. Your property becomes a comfortable home for many insects, bugs & mites who thrive in damp & dark conditions – under your floors and in your walls. What may seem like a small problem, a simple water leak, can rapidly become a huge problem with extremely costly consequences. Fungal Growth If you have water leaks in your attic, behind walls or under floors this can use the growth and spread of various types of fungus, which in turn can cause health problems. Structural Ongoing water...


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A Wolverhampton-based design company averted flooding and saved thousands of pounds in repairs after using Inta’s new Leakmate plumbing tool to temporarily seal a burst pipe. Mitch Stone, Director at iDM design, says: “We noticed there was a leak coming from under the kitchen sink. Luckily we had a Leakmate in the building, as we had been photographing the product earlier in the month. “One of our designers used the tool to seal the broken pipe until we could get a plumber in to resolve the issue. Without Inta’s Leakmate, we may have had to pay a fortune in repairs, as the nature of our work means we have a lot of digital equipment in the office.” Leakmate is a clamp system that offers a temporary fix for broken pipes when there is a leak, allowing time for repair before damage can occur. It is easy to fit and comprises three different sized reusable seals, suitable for 10, 15 and 22mm pipes. Stuart Gizzi, MD of Inta, says: “Leakmate does exactly what it says on the tin it bides users’ valuable time until they can organise a more permanent...

Preparing your home for a sudden freeze

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Preparing your home for a sudden freeze Before the temperature drops below zero and winter hits us, a quick check on the following can save you time and money. 1) Make sure pipes are lagged All visible pipes, particularly exposed pipes in crawl spaces in the attic, should be lagged with pre-formed foam (the type that wraps around the pipes) available from plumbers’ merchants and DIY stores. Remember, the thicker the lagging, the better: a minimum of 50mm in diameter but preferably 75mm. When insulating bends and tricky-to-reach pipes use gaffa tape to fix it securely. 2) Make sure your tank is insulated The best option is a preformed jacket that hugs the tank (a bit like the Puffa jackets from the 80s!) They’re filled with glass fibre matting and attach securely to the tank – this is important as you don’t want it to dislodge. With the exception of a header tank in the loft which should be completely enclosed, there should be no insulation beneath your tank as this will prevent warm air rising from below, increasing the likelihood of it freezing. 3) Repair dripping taps If you have any dripping taps replace the washers. If dripping taps freeze they’ll block your pipe and cause damage. How to deal with a frozen pipe You’ll know if you have a frozen pipe because one or more of your taps won’t work but before you start on your frozen pipe action plan it’s worth first checking with the neighbours that they have water – if they don’t it’s likely there’s a problem with local supply. Assuming you do have...

Burst and frozen water pipes can cause untold damage to your home so here are some tips to avoid it during the freezing conditions.

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Burst and frozen water pipes can cause untold damage to your home so here are some tips to avoid it during the freezing conditions. London fire crews went to 163 floodings in the last four days of November, up 150%, with Thames Water answering 150 reports a day, twice the seasonal norm. Frozen Pipe Emergency A frozen pipe is an emergency, because this will cause it to burst causing thawed water to come pouring from the break. The following steps describe what you should do as soon as you discover a frozen pipe: 1. Turn off the water supply: Thousands have had water supplies disrupted due to burst pipes Turn off the main stop tap. You should find this under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home. Turn off the stopcock in your cold water tank if you have one, it’s usually found in the attic or loft. 2. Beat the burst: Protect everything around the pipe that appears to be frozen to avoid damage if it bursts. 3. Thawing out: Open the tap nearest to the part of the pipe you think is frozen so the water can flow through when it has melted. Thaw the ice in the pipe with a hot water bottle or hairdryer (taking care to keep it well away from any water), beginning from the tap end and working back toward the cold water tank. Never use a heat gun or blow torch. Preventing Burst Pipes – Winter Care If a burst pipe leaks and water comes gushing through the ceiling, it can wreak real damage on your home...