The ideal tool to stop a water leak

Don't get caught out by a water leak or a burst pipe.

The clamp fits pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm and 22mm (3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in)

See for yourself how easy the LeakMate Tool is to use with the video below

You can order your LeakMate here at less than half the r.r.p. or find a stockist near you here

We recently had an email back from a customer

Hi ——–
I have a company that has 80 rental properties and run into leaky pipes about 15 times a year and thought there must be a tool out there that can look after the problem through the weekend till I get a plumber. Christmas and New years Day I could have used it twice. I was a machinist for 32 years and thought that I should invent such a rig and when I got on the internet I came on to the LeakMate and it was every thing I was thinking about. Home Hardware and Canadian Tire would be two companies that should have a look at this product.


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