What can X-TREME tape be used for ?

What can X-TREME tape be used for ?

It's better to not have and not need it, than suffering the hassle and expense a burst pipe can cause.

The LeakMate is the only tool that fits 10mm, 15mm and 22mm (3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in)

Watch our video to see how easy the LeakMate tool is to use

We have stockists nationwide, or you can order yours here at less than half the r.r.p.

xtreme-tape-directions-1Leak Mate X-TREME Tape Suggested Uses

M.D.P.E Pipe Repair• Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

Water Hose & Pipe repair

Boat Rigging

Coating ends of Rope

Home & Garden

Corrosion Protection

Electrical Insulation

Weatherproofing Electrical Connections

Wiring Harnesses

Wire Bundles

Sealing Electrical Connections

Plumbing Repair

Emergency O-Rings & Seals

Sport & Tool Handles

• And much, much more!

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